Shallow water catamaran fishing boats


Welcome to the Home of Freedom Boats and Marine Service.


Freedom boats are built by Marine Service and are the finest shallow water boats in the Gulf Coast area.


They are built with quality and durability in mind. Freedom boats will get you to the hot spots quickly and easily before anyone else. If you want to experience Freedom, come by Marine Service and talk to us. We can customize your boat to your specifications to make sure your future fishing trips are the best you will ever have.


At Marine Service we are moving into the 21st Century with the way we are designing and manufacturing boats. Building boats from a computer control router gives us a boat that is completely symmetrical. No longer does the starboard side of the hull differ from the port. Using composite materials and computer controlled cutting gives us a superior light weight hull.


 In addition to new construction, Marine Service also performs fiberglass repair work on just about anything. If you have something that needs fiberglass repair, bring it by and let us take a look at it.



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Marine Service

Port Lavaca, Texas





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